Mattress Disposal
Rochester, NY

Mattresses have a lifespan of 7-10 years, but after that decade, what are you going to do with it?

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or home… If you have an old mattress that needs to be disposed of, Rochester Junk Removal can take care of it.

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Why Hire Junk Removers To Dispose Of Your Mattress?

Mattresses and box springs are made of materials which absorb sweat and humidity. They’re also littered with harsh chemicals designed to reduce the risk of insect infestation and rotting.

This is a good thing when you’re using your mattress as it helps you avoid bed bugs and nasty illnesses.

But, when it’s time to haul away an old mattress, this can be bad for the environment.

This is why it’s important to recycle an old mattress and take it to a trusted local recycling facility instead of sending it to a landfill.

Mattresses contain reusable materials like textiles, metals, foam, and more.

This will help keep Rochester clean and protect the New York environment.

3 Reasons
To Hire Us

At Rochester Junk Removers, our goal is to keep Rochester and Monroe County homes, businesses, and streets clean. We take our jobs seriously.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to junk removal and nothing is too much.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. We’re not done until you’re satisfied with our work and you have a smile on your face.

We have the best junk hauling service in Rochester, NY

More Reasons To Choose Us

Keeping in mind the environmental concerns of disposing of an old mattress in a landfill, Rochester Junk Removers is dedicated to reducing the amount of mattresses going into Rochester landfills.

Did you know the average mattress can take up to 25 cubic ft of landfill space?

Instead of taking this unneeded space, we’re going to make sure the materials within the mattress are reused.

So, other than environmental concerns, why else should you choose us?

Here’s a few more reasons:

  • You won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting since our team of professionals will come into your home and lug away the mattress/box spring.
  • All of our work is insured incase we break something or ding a wall. (Which rarely happens)
  • We can do bulk jobs for commercial places or apartment complexes. Big or small, we can handle it all.
  • We can do weekend pickups. If you’re busy during the workweek, don’t worry, we can accommodate almost any schedule.

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